To provide a single-source solution of credible value engineered Lighting fixtures, allowing Designers/Consultants to specify in budget without aesthetic or technical compromise, whilst ensuring design intent.


To solidify our position as one of the Region’s best providers of Contract-grade Architectural and Decorative Lighting packages


Optimised range

Designed to cover the majority of a Project’s Interior Lighting, ambient, accent and task –
our optimised range provides a complete solution to design, specify, install and commission at the right price, on time – every time.

Single, Double, Triple-lamp / IP20, IP44, IP54-rated / Fixed, tilt, tilt & rotate / trim and trimless fixtures

Trim and trimless / surface mounted / multiple options

Single, Double, Triple-lamp / IP20, IP54-rated / Fixed, tilt and gimbal / Pendant variants available

1-phase, 3-phase and low voltage (48v) / 0-10v and DALI / trimless, recessed, pendant and surface track

Single and double Downlights / adjustable spotlights / trim, trimless mounting / multiple width options

Multiple options to suit most major applications for both direct and indirect light

Trimless, recessed, pendant and surface options / 0-10v and DALI – homogeneous, dotless linear lighting

Trim and trimless / square and rectangular options

Product Quality

Our full range of fixtures has been created in Solidworks by Professional Luminiare Designers – every model is prototyped using the latest 3D printing methods. We have very strong relationships with our manufacturing partners, who have robust and credible quality assurance procedures in place – ensuring consistently high quality. Our range is available with no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), which makes us the ideal single solution for Projects of all sizes. From a Studio apartment to a 700-key Hotel, we enable the Contractor to deliver the concept with no restrictions on supply and no grievances over Product quality.

Our fixtures conform to the requisite International Standards (EN-60598-1 / EN-62031: 2008) and we can conduct 3rd party testing for our Product range with LUX-TSI (UK) and Intertek (China), in addition to our Partner’s in-house labs, which test to both LM-79 and LM-80 standards, to ensure complete data integrity for accurate lux-calculations.

Declaration of Conformity
All fixtures are CE-standard and are suitable for markets operating at 220-240vAC

The 3-stage journey

1. Concept design stage: listen > review

Each target segment has different needs and tasks. Either at or after this stage of the Project lifecycle, our priority is to listen and gain insight as to how/if we can add value to the interior lighting scheme, with only the Client’s main objective in mind.

2. Proposal stage: feedback > approval > delivery

Our proposal is validated by the Designer and/or Client, following acceptable feedback of quotations, datasheets, schedules and physical samples. At this stage the Purchase Order is finalised and the required fixtures are then manufactured, with samples provided to the nominated Contractor to ensure goods delivered are exactly as ordered.

3. Realisation stage: guidance > commissioning

The Contractor requires support at various stages, as there are many factors to consider. We assist the installation team by providing guidance and supervision, where required. Once the Project is near completion, we ensure smooth commissioning and iron-out any issues both pre and post-handover.