Would you go back walking for 10 days?

Even others would say that fossilization like this is also possible in a 6000 year earth.None of these checks would convince a fundamentalist. One thing I will say is that I admire a theist who has the fortitude to launch an offensive here, a head on collision with science. You basically do the following;1- You tell them they are stupid.2- You tell them their family is stupid.3- You tell them that their hopes, dreams, and everything they ever did for their religion was stupid and useless.4- You tell them that you know better and they should listen to you.Their experience is different than yours.

People have the habit of radicalizing when faced with opposition, so i know having freedom of religion will be good for the people on the short term, but on the long term it will only bring more conflicts. Continue reading “Would you go back walking for 10 days?”